Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Confessions (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)
Confessions / Kokuhaku / 告白 (2010)

Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Starring: Takako Matsu, Yukito Nishii, Kaoru Fujiwara
Duration: 106 min.
Rating: 8.1/10

Middle school teacher Yoko Moriguchi's life comes crashing down after the death of her 4 year old daughter.  Eventually she discovers that some of her own students are responsible for her daughter's death.  What follows is a twisted and elaborate plan for cold-blooded revenge...


Confessions directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, is Japan's official entry to the 83rd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film where it was selected to the Shortlist.  It is a tight, very stylish, violent, and highly dark and disturbing psychological thriller based on a best selling novel by Kanae Minato.

The well written story unfolds unconventionally, weaving from one character's point of view to the next, aided with beautifully filmed slow motion flashbacks and gripping diary like voice over narration.  The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking, even during the scenes of violence every shot is stylish and works to capture and enhance the emotional atmosphere of the film.

Adding to this atmosphere is the outstanding soundtrack, present in almost every scene but never overbearing, it contributes greatly to the overall dark mood of the film.  Highlighted throughout by the excellent droning guitars of Japanese experimental rock band Boris and the use of Radiohead's beautiful Last Flowers as a recurring theme.

Even though it won't win any awards, Confessions is instantly one of my favorite films of 2010, and no doubt one the best Japanese films I've seen in several years. 

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)

Confessions / Kokuhaku (2010)


Duncan said...

Love this one!  Cinematography was stunning as you say, so relentlessly bleak, dark and atmospheric and the Radiohead song fitted perfectly.

C S said...

I love Confessions.

When I watched it in the cinema, I came in just when it was starting, but 30 minutes in, I thought that was the end and was thinking "Oh crap, I've just missed the whole film", but then the ball game changes completely, and it turns into something else.

I've always been a fan of Japanese cinema ever since I have been exposed to their films, and for the most part, they have created some of the best films I have ever seen, (and my favourite film of all time too.)

I am glad you liked Confessions as well!

And thank you for the follow on Feminising Film!

Bonjour Tristesse said...

Thanks for coming by C S,

I'm curious which one is your favourite?

The Angry Lurker said...

I must admit I love good revenge movies.

Adalmin said...

It's a bit weird that when I was reading this I was all "wow my mom would like this."

She did cackle during the bloody bits in "Orphan".

Isaac said...

Looks like a really cool movie

Das Auto! said...

Nothin' better than a good revenge movie, sounds like something i'd watch

amaroo said...

Amazing film

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