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32nd (2013) Hong Kong Film Awards: Winners

The 32nd annual Hong Kong Film Awards were presented on Saturday April 13th at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Police thriller Cold War was the big winner, grabbing nine trophies including best film, best actor for Tony Leung Ka Fai, best director and screenplay for the duo of Longman Leung and Sunny Luk, and best newcomer for Alex Tsui.

Read on for the full list of winners.
Best Film
  • Vulgaria produced by Pang Ho-cheung and Subi Liang
  • Motorway produced by Johnnie To
  • The Viral Factor produced by Derek Yee, Mandy Law
  • Cold War produced by Candy Leung, Fung Ying, Albert Lee, Solon So, Wang Zhonglei
  • The Bullet Vanishes produced by Bill Kong, Matthew Tang, Ivy Ho, Catherine Kwan
Best Director
  • Soi Cheang Pou for Motorway
  • Pang Ho-cheung for Love in the Buff
  • Law Chi-leung for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Dante Lam for The Viral Factor
  • Longman Leung & Sunny Luk for Cold War
Best Screenplay
  • Pang Ho-cheung, Lam Chiu-wing, Luk Yee-sum for Vulgaria
  • Pang Ho-cheung, Luk Yee-sum for Love in the Buff
  • Law Chi-leung, Sin Ling Yeung for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Longman Leung, Sunny Luk for Cold War
  • Alan Mak, Felix Chong for The Silent War
Best Actor
  • Nick Cheung for Nightfall
  • Chapman To for Vulgaria
  • Ching Wan Lau for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Tony Leung Ka Fai for Cold War
  • Tony Leung Chiu Wai for The Silent War
Best Actress
  • Zhou Xun for The Great Magician
  • Miriam Yeung for Love in the Buff
  • Sammi Cheng for Romancing in Thin Air
  • Zhou Xun for The Silent War
  • Elanne Kong for Love Lifting
Best Supporting Actor
  • Ronald Cheng for Vulgaria
  • Liu Kai Chi for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Gordon Lam for Cold War
  • Chapman To for Diva
  • Alex Man for The Bounty
Best Supporting Actress
  • Siu Yam Yam for Vulgaria
  • Dada Chen for Vulgaria
  • Jiang Yi Yan for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Elaine Jin for The Viral Factor
  • Mavis Fan for The Silent War
Best New Performer
  • Zhang Lanxin for CZ12
  • Joyce Feng for The Last Tycoon
  • Jayden Yuan for Tai Chi
  • Alex Tsui for Cold War
  • Sammy Sum for Lan Kwai Fong 2
Best Cinematography
  • Andrew Lau Wai Keung & Jason Kwan for The Last Tycoon
  • Chan Chi Ying for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Kenny Tse for The Viral Factor
  • Jason Kwan & Kenny Tse for Cold War
  • Anthony Pun Yiu Ming for The Silent War
Best Editing
  • Yau Chi Wai for CZ12
  • David Richardson & Allen Leung Chin Lun for Motorway
  • Kong Chi Leung & Ron Chan for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Chung Wai Chiu for The Viral Factor
  • Kong Chi Leung & Wong Hoi for Cold War
Best Art Direction
  • Yee Chung-Man & Eric Lam Che Kiu for The Last Tycoon
  • Timmy Yip for Tai Chi
  • Lau Sai Wan for The Guillotines
  • Silver Cheung & Lee Kin Wai for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Man Lim Chung for The Silent War
Best Costume and Makeup Design
  • Yee Chung Man & Jessie Dai Mei Ling for The Great Magician
  • Yee Chung-Man for Tai Chi
  • Dora Ng for The Guillotines
  • Stanley Cheung for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Man Lim Chung for The Silent War
Best Action Choreography
  • Jackie Chan & He Jun for CZ12
  • Sammo Hung for Tai Chi
  • Chin Ka Lok, Wong Wai Fai, Ng Hoi Tong for Motorway
  • Dante Lam Chiu-Yin, Chin Ka Lok, Wong Wai Fai, Ng Hoi Tong for The Viral Factor
  • Chin Ka Lok & Wong Wai Fai for Cold War
Best Original Score
  • Chan Kwong Wing, Yu Peng for The Last Tycoon
  • Teddy Robin, Tomy Wai Kai Leung for The Bullet Vanishes>
  • Peter Kam Pui Tat for Cold War
  • Eman Lam & Veronica Lee Duen Han for Diva
  • Chan Kwong Wing for Silent War
Best Original Song
  • Ding Feng Bo - Composer:Leon Ko, Lyric:Chris Shum, Sung by:Jacky Cheung from The Last Tycoon
  • Face the Cold Blade - Composer:Jay Chou, Lyric:Vincent Fang, Sung by:Li Yuchun from The Gullotines
  • Do Re Mi - Composer:Lo Tayu, Lyric:Lin Xi, Sung by:Sammi Cheng from Romancing in Thin Air
  • Love Only Love - Composer:Charmaine Fong, Lyric:Lin Xi, Sung by:Leo Ku from Lan Kwai Fong 2
  • Zui Fing Zheng Dek Fung Zheng - Composer:Davy Chan & C.Y. Kong, Lyric:Lin Xi, Sung by:Joey Yung & Mag Lam from Diva
Best Sound Design
  • Kinson Tsang for The Guillotines
  • Benny Chu & Steve Miller for Motorway
  • Phyllis Cheng for The Bullet Vanishes
  • Kinson Tsang for The Viral Factor
  • Kinson Tsang for Cold War
Best Visual Effects
  • Han Young Woo, Victor Wong, Patrick Chui, Seong Ho Jang for CZ12
  • Chas Chau Chi Sing, Kim Ho Pui Kin, Ng Yuen Fai, A Law for Tai Chi
  • Victor Wong & Darkus Yu for The Guillotines
  • Law Wai Ho & Hellowing Cheung for Motorway
  • Cecil Cheng for Cold War
Best New Director
  • Chow Hin Yeung for Nightfall
  • Brian Tse for McDull: The Pork of Music
  • Fung Chih Chiang for The Bounty
Best Chinese or Taiwanese Film
  • Back to 1942 by Feng Xiaogang China
  • GF*BF by Ya-che Yang Taiwan
  • Love is not Blind by Teng Huatao China
  • Painted Skin: The Resurrection by Wuershan China
  • Love by Doze Niu Taiwan
Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Ng See Yuen Director, Producer
Professional Achievement Award
  • Ko Tin Chow
  • Olivia Lui Lai-wah


Unknown said...

Lots of interesting entries!! I guess they'll be reviewed here, I can't wait to read your impressions on the films!
Congrats on the LAMMY noms Bonjour Tristesse! You deserve them! I wish you the best of luck!

Unknown said...

Damn, Cold War took to their liking huh?

Uhm, I was confused a bit when I read 32st. I looked at the poster too, I think this is a typo, BT. But I do like the sound of 'thirtysecondst'.

Unknown said...

LOL, good catch. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I will hopefully get around to viewing and reviewing the award winners soon.

As for the LAMMYS, thank you very much for your support! I was hoping for two, with my fingers crossed for a third, but never did I expect or imagine I would get six nominations. I will remain ecstatic about that, no matter what happens in the final voting.

Unknown said...

I recently watched Vulgaria and those supporting actor/actress awards were well deserved. The cast were on fine form and delivered great comedy. I checked out the trailer for Cold War and it seemed to have a similar vibe to Infernal Affairs.

Unknown said...

Nice, good to hear that about VULGARIA, will try and catch up with it soon. Also, I've been holding off on watching COLD WAR because it looked like a predictable cop film. Think I'll give it a chance if only because of the awards.

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