Ratings Guide

Here is a quick reference guide to the review scores given out here at Bonjour Tristesse.

0.0 - 4.9  The worst of the worst.  Films I either stopped watching before they ended or fell asleep while watching.  Scores in this range reflect how far I got through before quitting.  It's not very likely you will find a review for this type of film here.
Examples: Battle Los Angeles, The Green Hornet, Insidious

5.0 - 5.9  Poor.  Films I could tolerate till the end but were either utter disappointments or have no redeeming qualities.  I usually wont bother writing a post for anything in this range or below, but will make exceptions for things like awards nominees, festival screenings, or as part of a marathon/blogathon.
Examples: We are What We Are, To Die like a Man, The Human Resources Manager, Trust

6.0 - 6.6  Average.  Decent perhaps even entertaining films that are not complete wastes of time but have nothing special or memorable to offer either.  
Examples: Chloe, Julia's Eyes, Submarine, The Wildest Dream

6.7 - 7.4  Good.  Not quite great films.  They might feature a couple strong performances or have some unique artistic attributes, but are still flawed.  These are usually enjoyable but failed to blow me away.
Examples: Beginners, Cold Weather, Even the Rain, In a Better World

7.5 - 8.0  Very good.  Films that I enjoyed immensely and would recommend to practically anyone.   
Examples: The Way, Neds, Certified Copy, Tuesday After Christmas

8.1 - 8.4  Great.  Highly recommended films that are impressive and have something original to say.  New releases in this range and above receive the Best New Film tag.
Examples: The Skin I Live In, Pina, Bullhead, Cold Fish

8.5 - 8.9  Excellent.  Must see films, including important or influential classics, and instant favorites.  Only a handful of films each year will get a score this high.
Examples: Senna, The Tree of Life, Incendies, The Portuguese Nun

9.0 - 9.9  The best of the best.  Very few films will ever receive a score in this range.  This is the realm of Personal Favorites, groundbreaking achievements, and cinematic masterpieces.
Examples: Wings of Desire, Suspiria, Walkabout, The Double Life of Veronique