Friday, November 26, 2010

Hadewijch (2009)

Hadewijch (2009)

Genre: Drama
Director: Bruno Dumont
Starring: Julie Sokolowski, Yassine Salime, Karl Sarafidis
Duration: 120 min.
Rating: 7.9/10

Shocked by the blind ecstatic faith of Hadewijch, a young aspiring nun.  The mother superior expels her from the convent.  Hadewijch once again becomes Céline, the privileged daughter of a French government minister.  Her passionate love of God, her rage, and her encounter with Yassine and Nassir, leads her down a dangerous path...


Hadewijch from Bruno Dumont (Flandres), is a beautiful exploration into the effects of religious fanaticism.  For the first time, Dumont does away with the shocking and explicit and instead replaces it with a different type of extremism.  As with much of his other work, he is able to inspire a compelling performance from a non-actor.  One scene in particular stands out for me, a long close up of Céline (Julie Sokolowski) with her face in absolute rapture, as she watches a baroque string quartet perform in a church. 


major mack said...

Pardon my sceptcism but while it may have it moments im inclined to believe this ones probably a bore :(

Politricks77 said...

it has a very interesting very attractive title

das auto! said...

not really my kinda film, but it's definitely a film i could recommend to people i know

Adalmin said...

I don't know why but her low-cut shirts really bother me. It looks like she's wearing hipster shirts E_E

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