Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hermano (2010)

Hermano (2010)

Genre: Drama
Director: Marcel Rasquin
Starring: Eliu Armas, Fernando Moreno
Duration: 97 min.
Rating: 7.5/10

Daniel's an exceptional footballer, a striker. Julio's the team's captain, a born leader. They were raised as brothers and play football in their slum, La Ceniza. Daniel dreams to play professional football while Julio feeds the family with dirty money; he has no time to dream. The opportunity of their lives arrives when a football scout invites them to tryout with the city's best team: Caracas Football Club. But tragedy strikes them. They must choose, on a dirty football pitch, what is more important: family, revenge or the dream of their lives. On this pitch, life is on the line 

Hermano from Marcel Rasquin is Venezuela's submission to the 83rd Academy Awards.  An interesting and well told tale of two brothers living in the barrios of Venezuela, with the chance of a better life through football.  Yet, there really isn't anything new here, the story plays out like many others we've seen before. 



Adalmin said...

You know, I feel like comedies are underrepresented in the Foreign Film category. Either the Academy thinks foreigners don't have fun, or the entries are picked to suit that assumption.

Then again comedies are underrepresented in the Oscars anyway :/

Dillingtonindustries said...

Sweet! I'm tired of watching only comedies anyway. I need to broaden my horizons.

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