Saturday, November 13, 2010

California Dreamin' (2007)

California Dreamin' (Nesfarsit) (2007)

Genre: Drama
Director: Cristian Nemescu
Starring: Armand Assante, Jamie Elman, Razvan Vasilescu, Maria Dinulescu

In 1999, during the Kosovo War, a train carrying NATO equipment escorted by American Marines is stopped in Capalmita, a tiny godforsaken Romanian village.  Where Doiaru the overzealous station master, blocks the train for several days over a paperwork technicality.


California Dreamin' was to be the first feature film from Cristian Nemescu.  He was killed in a traffic accident before the film was finished.  It was completed posthumously and won the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes in 2007.  Not as powerful as Marilena from P7 but still quite a beautiful piece of cinema. 



Sugar said...

great movie

ArchiePattersons said...

I saw this at a film festival in New York a couple of years back where they were screening more of his work. Had the audience in tears. Really powerful stuff.

Anonymous said...

another great movie

Sam said...

great movie, can't wait to see it

Yllsa said...

Sounds interesting!

Loneislander777 said...

I know that I've seen this one before lol

Third Eye said...

This movie was based on a real incident.

The Angry Vegetarian said...

Looks good! I hate it when an artists dies for whatever reason and their work has to be finished basically without them. It's such a weird thing to think about. Either way, I'm glad it won an award at Cannes after the fact.

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