Friday, October 29, 2010

Them (2006)

Them / Ils (2006)

Genre: Horror
Director: David Moreau, Xavier Palud
Starring:  Olivia Bonamy, Michael Cohen

Lucas and Clementine are a french couple in their thirties who recently moved to Romania.  They live in an isolated house in the suburbs of Bucharest.  She is a French teacher, and he is a novelist, living in peaceful bliss.  Then one evening everything changes...


"Ils" from David Moreau and Xavier Palud is an excellent horror film.  Everything from the casting, setting, photography and soundtrack is remarkable.  Although the film is not gory at all, it is very emotionally and psychologically terrifying.


anon1337 said...

Looks alright, might check it out.

/k/anadian!!qvAmR1ZzV4 said...

Might have to grab the shotgun when I sit to watch this one

Makes me feel warm and safe :3

Touch and Feel said...

Not gory but psychologically terrifying? This is a REAL scary movie!! Must watch.

El Trombone said...

This looks amazing. Checking it out...

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