Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sombre (1998)

Sombre (1998)

Genre: Drama / Horror
Director: Philippe Grandrieux
Starring: Marc Barbé, Elina Löwensohn

A puppeteer follows the route of the Tour de France, performing for children and murdering prostitutes along the way.  On the road he encounters two sisters leading to potentially disastrous consequences.


Philippe Grandrieux's debut film, Sombre, is a visually beautiful journey into the mind of a serial killer.  He uses barely lit and softly focused hand-held close ups and other uniquely framed shots to capture a tension filled, dark and moody atmosphere. 

Soundtrack note:   
The final scene is set to a wonderfully haunting cover of Serge Gainsbourg's Les Amours Perdues, by Elysian Fields.


Blank said...

Will check it out. After all, 'tis the season.

razortek said...

seems ok anyway is not my type of movie

Quinn Electronics said...

looks like a good one

Mr. Bloggity said...

the quick synopsis makes it sound like lance armstrong is jack the ripper, lol!

Light Weight Baby! said...

thanks for the review!

Drackar said...

yeah...a lil creepy for me.

/k/anadian!!qvAmR1ZzV4 said...

I just watched this, I really liked it. Thanks for the quality reviews, keep it up!

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