Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Funny (This Country Is) (2010)

How Funny (This Country Is) / Alangkah lucunya (negeri ini) (2010)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Deddy Mizwar
Starring: Reza Rahadian, Deddy Mizwar, Slamet Rahardjo
Duration: 103 min.
Rating: 6.0/10

Muluk is an university graduate who has for some time had no luck in getting work.  During one of his job-seeking excursions, Muluk meets Komet - a child who is on the run after stealing a purse. Trying to set things straight, Muluk runs after Komet, but is left speechless when Komet proves to be wise beyond his years. The next encounter finds the child treating Muluk to lunch, and before long, Muluk finds himself lured into Komet's world of young thieves operating under a big boss, Jarot.


How Funny (This Country Is) by actor/director Deddy Mizwar, is the Indonesian entry to the 83rd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.  It is a decently made social satire about street life in Indonesia with some pretty funny moments.  However I think this film has limited appeal to an international audience.        



Thedude748 said...

looks like a pretty cool film. ill definitely check it out, thanks for the post :)

Doo said...

Looks decent! might give it a look =]

Suciô Sanchez said...

"Jakarta?" "No, she walked."

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