Friday, December 10, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

Genre: Documentary
Director: Banksy
Starring: Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Thierry Guetta, Rhys Ifans
Duration: 87 min.
Rating: 8.2/10

The story of how an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner with spectacular results.  Billed as 'the world's first street art disaster movie' the film contains exclusive footage of Banksy, Shephard Fairey, Invader and many of the world's most infamous graffiti artists at work. 


Legendary and enigmatic UK street artist Banksy's film Exit Through the Gift Shop, is a fascinating look at the world of underground art.  Whether the story is true or not is a subject of debate, regardless, the film is one of the most captivating and entertaining documentaries I have seen of late.  I hope Banksy doesn't stop here.



Guy Movie Blogger said...

Watched this with a few friends a couple nights ago and we all enjoyed it. I had no idea what it was about and man and I'm glad I didn't. Really cool subject!

The Angry Vegetarian said...

I saw this a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Made me interested in Banksy again!

Yllsa said...

Wow! I would actually love to see this, Banksy is really cool!

Adalmin said...

Banksy is such an elaborate RL troll, haha

Rawr said...

I saw this movie today, and my comments is, MBW is bitch! He become an artist overnight. ...but maybe he have a talent, who knows

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