Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#VIFF2013 Day 5 Diary

Burning Bush (Hořící keř)
directed by Agnieszka Holland
Czech Republic
A slick three-part miniseries produced by HBO detailing the events and aftermath of the self-immolation of Czech student Jan Palach in protest of the Soviet occupation in 1969. Most effective in the first episode where Holland transports us back with a remarkable recreation of those times. It remains a detailed and interesting watch, but it loses some steam in the latter parts when things turn into a straight forward procedural.
My First Love (Hatsukoi)
directed by Tsuruoka Keiko
A student film based on the often filmed novella First Love by Ivan Turgenev sponsored by famed director Kurosawa Kiyoshi. Very rough around the edges, has murky visuals, and never quite captures the true emotions of falling in love for the first time.


Unknown said...

I enjoyed these diary posts Bonjour! Glad you're enjoying VIFF!

Unknown said...

I could probably watch Burning Bush. Or at least attempt to. Extremely wary of My First Love though, that's not what I want to be hearing about a potential watch.

Unknown said...

Yeah usually in a festival you come across a few duds.

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